Gino, the Misunderstood Nutria

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Our book is called, The Misunderstood Nutria. The story tells of a small nutria, named Gino, that gets lost in the search for food and finds himself in the rivers of Adria. He becomes fascinated by the little town and enjoys exploring the land. However, he is disappointed when the locals in Adria do not welcome him. Finding no one to talk to and explore what the city has to offer, he is left sad and alone. Finally, Gino meets up with a group of children from a school called Let’s Talk who speak English. They immediately welcome him and are excited to spend time with Gino and show him kindness. Gino spends the rest of the day discovering Adria with the children. When it is time for him to go home, he says goodbye to his new friends and promises to see them again.

In this book, the level of reading is A1. A1 is the level children are expected to achieve in Europe upon reaching 5th grade in primary school. The vocabulary has been specially written to accommodate this level and also offers interactive activities alongside the story. We chose the nutria as the protagonist of this story because many people are not fond of this local creature. Our goal with using the nutria is to deliver a lesson to our readers about acceptance and tolerance.

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